Woodland Holidays for those with Learning Difficulties

As spring approaches and we are hopeful that we can soon welcome visitors back to the Thomas Centre for their holidays, our to-do list to ensure that site is ready is being compiled. We are always wanting to continue to improve the estate here at The Thomas Centre, providing new activities for families and groups to enjoy. Some of our visitors have been here more than 10 times, so we want to make sure that there are new facilities and spaces for them to enjoy.

We are blessed with the perfect location for a peaceful holiday, with lots of space outdoors to explore on our private 25-acre estate. We have a private woodland on site, and one of the projects we are hoping to continue with this year is making our private woodland at The Thomas Centre more accessible for all.

A woodland sensory experience

We have already started this project by clearing out significant amounts of undergrowth to make wide paths which are accessible for wheelchairs. Some natural seating areas have also been created, perfect for wildlife spotting, having a moments rest or even a picnic spot. Thomas and Jan planted hundreds of bulbs in the autumn during Lockdown II, and those that haven’t been eaten by our resident badger set, should hopefully attract insects and wildlife. The woodlands are perfect for family walks, games, and a place to let your imagination run wild. They offer an excellent space for many of our visitors who have sensory issues, many finding a walk through the woods calming and relaxing, or the perfect place to let off some steam.

More to come

We hope to continue to develop this area with a couple of more ideas in the pipeline… watch this space to find out more!